How to Apply for Big Brother Naija TV Show in Nigeria

After a successful completion of each season of the reality TV show, lots of people always get so eager and interested In taking part in the next one so as to gain the experience, popularity and possibly become the next millionaire. Are you interested in becoming the next star of one of the biggest reality TV shows in Naija; Big Brother Naija? Then this might be your opportunity. To know how to apply for the Big Brother Naija show, continue reading this post.

About Big Brother Naija

The Big Brother Naija show is a reality TV show held annually with people from different states in Nigeria numbering 1-26 and with different believes, co-habiting and taking part in activities or tasks to win cash prizes or material gifts. They have to put in their best to make sure viewers keep them in the house till the end. If you’re looking forward to applying for the next Big Brother show, all information as regards the show will be supplied here.

However, to apply for the show, they’re certain criteria you must meet. They are:

  1. You must be from 21 years and above
  2. Must be a citizen of Nigeria
  3. You must have a valid international passport

When once you have these criteria, then you can go ahead to apply for the show

How to Apply

1. You must record a 2-min video giving reasons why you qualify as a housemate of the Big Brother Naija show

2. After making a video, you can go ahead to fill the online form

Make sure you answer all questions as correctly and honest as possible. If any form of lie is detected or you refuse to give out information about you that is required, then you’ll be disqualified from the auditions and that will be the end of the road for you. If you qualify for the next stage, you’ll be informed via e-mail.

3. If you receive an e-mail, then you must be prepared to travel to Lagos for the final interview and selection.

The Big Brother Naija house will have cameras 24/7 to monitor and record your activities in the house, so you must be ready to live in the house.

4. You must be in good mental / physical health.

5. If you’re selected, you must complete all forms that will be given to you and also give yourself up for medical examination by medical experts provided by the producer.

6. By applying for the Big Brother show, you’ve given the producers the right to carry out background checks on you.

Apply for the Big Brother Naija show is totally free.


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