Big Brother Naija Season 2 Housemates | Meet all BBN Season 2 Housemates

The Big Brother Naija season 2 reality TV show had the theme ‘’SEE GOBE’’. It had 14 young people from different states in Nigeria come together to cohabit and compete for the prize money of 25million naira and a KIA Sorento car. The show commenced on the 22nd of January 2017 and lasted for 78 days with ex housemate Ebuka Obi Uchendu from the first season as host.

At some point in the show, two fake housemates John Ogah and Ese Eriata were brought into the show to add more drama unknown to the real housemates. The show had Payporte; an online shopping platform as its main sponsor.

The season’s housemates were;

Efe Ejeba

A 23 year old Lagos resident at the time known for his slogan “based on logistics”. He was known as the original Warri boy. He played his cards well, got to the finals and ultimately won the grand prize. He’s a singer and a rapper and has featured a number of Nigerian artists in his album.

Bisola Aiyeola

She was 32 years at the time of the show, resident in Lagos. She was a beginner actress before she got into the show and her acting skills paved way and opened doors to many opportunities for her. She’s also a singer with hit songs like ‘controlla’, ‘luchia’ etc. She was the first runner up of the show and she got the contract as a “ONE “ ambassador.


The lady with the nose ring. She was 33 years old at the time of the show and resides in Edo state. She emerged the second runner up of the show and won 500 thousand naira from the Payporte arena games.

Debbie Rise

A young music lover resident in Kogi state and 28 years of age at the time. She loves playing the lead guitar. After she left the house, she focused on her music career and she’s doing so well in the music industry.


29 year old resident of Abuja back then. He was one of the calmest in the house ; not a man 0f many words. After the show, he continued his dream of becoming a DJ and a music producer.


She’s a 26 year old Port Harcourt babe from a royal family who loves singing (rapping). She’s also an actress and a model. She was closest to Efe in the house and still is till date.


24 year old resident of Lagos then. Although he was the first to be evicted so he didn’t have enough time to showcase his talent, he’s still doing well in the entertainment industry.


The chef of the house. He loved volunteering to make the dishes for the housemates since that’s his specialty. He’s also a journalist and a media personality. He got distracted from the show because of his relationship with his fellow housemate; Tboss, and that led to his early eviction. After his eviction, he got endorsements from lots of foods brands and he’s doing well.


A 29 year old lady back then who resides in Lagos. A singer and a music producer. She’s also an entrepreneur and has worked so hard to grow her brand.


Just like Efe, she was the youngest housemate in the season; 23 year old then and resides in Lagos. She has great acting skills and she’s featured in great Nollywood movies.


She’s based in Lagos and at the time of the show was 30 years old. While in the house, she was fond of admiring herself in the mirror especially during the Saturday night parties so she was nicknamed ‘mirror lady’ by fans. Currently, she’s dived into different areas; she has a wig store, a vlog and also does music.


A Port Harcourt based fitness instructor. Unfortunately, his dream of getting to the finals in the show was cut short when he was disqualified as a result of supposedly assaulting Tboss. That notwithstanding, he’s still doing very well in his fitness career.

Thin Tall Tony

He’s a cross river based housemate. Although he was married with kids, he kept a relationship with his fellow housemates much to the displeasure of everyone. He was dishonest and didn’t inform her about his marriage. After the show, he went into entertainment and has featured in many Nollywood movies.


He was calm and gentle while in the house. One action that stood him out in the house was the truth and dare game where he was dared to breast feed his fellow housemate cocoice and many others. Years after the show, his life could be termed as rewarding. He’s pursued his acting career and has featured in many movies. His fitness isn’t left out as his physique says it all.

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