Big Brother Naija Season 3 Housemates | Meet all BBN Season 3 Housemates

The third season of the reality show kick started on the 28th of January 2018 and ended on 22nd of April 2018 having lasted for 84 days. It had the theme ‘Double Wahala’. It featured 20 housemates contesting for the grand prize of forty five million naira with Ebuka Obi-Uchendu as host. The housemates in contention were:


His name says it all. He’s indeed a miracle. He emerged the winner of the season after surviving nominations and eviction and bagged the grand prize. After the show, he went on to further his career and presently, he’s a certified instrument pilot.


The most talked about of the season. Her strength and courage put her on edge in the house. Her authoritative nature gained her the admiration of fans which kept her in the house till the last day and she emerged the first runner up. Outside the house, she’s gotten a lot of endorsements and she’s successful.


The guy with the alluring and infectious demeanor. He was loved by all. He came in with so much swag and talent and today we see him on our TV screens doing what he knows how to do best.

Teddy A

He was expected to be the rugged guy flirting with all the ladies but surprisingly, he has an eye for just BamBam and he proved everyone wrong. Today, they are happily married and his music career is growing gradually. He’s also into modeling.


A beautiful lady. Her romantic relationship with Teddy A pronounced her in the house. Although she went into the house to win, she didn’t miss the opportunity to get herself a man. Today, she’s left the singles club as she’s happily married to her sweetheart who never slips out of her side.


She’s a fluent speaker and an intelligent lady. Although she didn’t stay so long in the house, she’s utilized the opportunity she got and is using it to her advantage. She hosts events, acts movies and even has her own cosmetic line.


The New York based lady came into the show and blew the viewers minds with her beauty. She played the game fairly, though it didn’t keep her long in the house but she’s still a star.


A U.S based intellect. Right from when she stepped into the house, she was known to be calm and gentle. She had a romantic relationship with Lolu which later died after she was re-voted back to the house after her first eviction. Outside of the house, she’s into modeling and acting and has a promising future.


When he got into the house, he appeared calm, quiet and reserved but when he was paired with Anto, he began to brighten up. His intelligent side unfolded and he always had ideas to contribute in everything. Outside of the show, he’s returned to his private lifestyle.

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An eloquent speaker who was ever ready to take part in house tasks and activities assigned to him. Even though he was one of the early evictees, he didn’t leave without showing his skills to the world. Today, he’s an OAP at one of the popular radio stations and he’s excelling.


The queen of the dance floor. Her highlights in the house were mostly on Saturday night parties where she didn’t leave any stone unturned in scattering the dance floor with her top-notch dance moves. She had so much energy. Her life outside of the house is fulfilling as she’s into entertainment and is soon becoming a fast rising Nollywood star.


She was the youngest in the season. Her relationship with miracle gained her popularity and that kept her till the finals. After the show, she completed her education and her fans have never stopped supporting her. She’s living her best life.


He came in with so much confidence of leaving with the grand prize but maybe his strategy didn’t really work well for him as he left quite early. Outside of the house, he’s made head-way.

Dee One

Most housemates getting into the house get in with strategies in their heads. Dee One wasn’t left out. His strategy was to make everyone laugh and gain admiration of both fans and his fellow housemates. Years after the show, he’s exploring the world of comedy.

Rico Swavey

Upon entry into the house, speculations were that he would be an object of controversy among the ladies in the house because he was cute, but that wasn’t exactly the case. After leaving the show he has continued with entertainment. In spite of not being able to advance so much in his music career, he still has a bright future in it.


He was one of those who knew what he wanted and went for it. He made sure to make his brand known. After the show, he’s got lots of modeling deals and he’s giving it his best.


She was more of a reserved person and still is but she’s got faithful fans that are going all out for her.


A drama queen who knew how to create controversy in the house. More about her can be found on her instagram as she knows how to keep her fans glued to her page.

K Brule

His stay in the house wasn’t so fulfilling as he got disqualified after his limit of 3 strikes were exhausted but he’s continued to focus on his music career and soon we’ll be hearing from another music star.


She was one of the beauties in the house. Very lively and energetic. What made her stand out was her dress sense which always drew focus to her. After the show, she decided to live a more private life and she’s the host of the TV show “My Naija Wedding”.

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