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The fourth season of the reality TV show commenced on the 30th of June, 2019 and lasted for 99 days; the longest so far. It had the theme ‘Pepper Them’ with 26 contestants (the highest so far) in fierce battle for sixty million naira worth of prizes. As usual, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu did justice to the hosting. The housemates were:


Starting from tops, we have Lamboghini Mercy who kept viewers glued to their screens all day. She is massively endowed with beauty and talent and she had all the action needed to give her the name ‘The Queen of Highlights’. She played her cards well and she won the battle for the sixty million naira worth of prizes. With her money in hand, her dream of becoming a successful business woman is in play.


He was one of the cool guys in the season. A successful CEO but yet very humble. His humility endeared him to his fans and got him to the finals. His business ever since has continued thriving.


One of the beauties in the house with great vocals. Even though she was first to be evicted, she hopes to make head-way with her music career.


She was one of the housemates that came later in the game (day 32). She was reserved at first but gradually she came out of her shell and began to show her skills. Presently, she’s into entertainment.


She’s one who could be called a loyal friend. She’s skilled and also intelligent, very outspoken. Her loyalty to Mercy gave her votes that got her into the finals. Outside the house, she’s performing great deeds in the entertainment world.


Another lady with fire in her voice. She was evicted quite early but she sees a great future in the world of music.


King of the dance floor. He killed the parties with his vibes. He’s also intelligent and very good with words. He’s looking forward to taking over the digital world.


A fashion designer to the core who kept representing the brand when given the opportunity. Being the CEO of one of the best bridal fashion houses in town is her dream.


Lawyer turned entertainer. The show brought out the entertainer in her and she’s ready to explore through acting.


He’s one who could be best called a lover boy. He could do anything for love. He’s funny too. He’s looking at going into the fashion world and also wants to be an MC.


Another fresh icon who is leaving no stone unturned taking his fashion line to another level.


Ike Ike Ike. Business runs in his veins. Even when he was evicted he said he couldn’t wait to go out there and make cool cash and he’s doing just that.


Together with Avala, she was the first to be evicted. Great things awaits her in the outside world.


She’s one of those who didn’t come out of her shell until after some time. She’s bestowed with so much intelligence and currently working on her Artificial Intelligence (AI) project.


He’s a banker who believes in taking things step by step and he hopes to become a person of influence to the world.


A creative designer extraordinaire. His artistic skills in the house especially when he designed the Nigerian Coat of Arms in few minutes stood him out. His dream is to become one of the best artists in Africa and this is gradually becoming a reality.


Queen of the dairy room. Talented in all areas; acting, presenting etc. She mentioned she wants to be like Ebuka…… Ya’ll need a cup of Khafi in your life.


The beauty queen with a difference. She’s a TV presenter who doesn’t just want to stop there but also want to venture into clothing accessories and having her own talk show.


A model with great fashion sense. A whole new world of possibilities awaits him.

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He’s loud and always wants to make his point. The king of the street is open to whatever possibly comes his way.


A very talented ‘Sucre Papito’. Great presenting, acting skills etc. The entertainment world can’t wait to have him and he’s doing well.

Sir Dee

An astute banker who has passion for graphic design and is ever ready to go into it. He’s also ready to take up any entertainment task given to him.


The drama queen. She’s strong, energetic but arrogant. Her clash with Mercy caused her disqualification, but as a lady with great energy and skills, she got lots of endorsements and she’s doing well.


Her zanku moves brought her into the limelight of the house. Outside the house, she’s ready to do whatever the world has for her.


He didn’t miss any opportunity to go shirts off and display his packs on the dance floor. He’s a fitness coach, physiotherapist and part time stripper. He wants to attain success in everything he does.


She left housemates and viewers peppered when she walked through that door quarter-way into the show. She created so much contention among the guys. She’s an actress and she’s good at what she does. She wishes to gain grounds as an entrepreneur and a public figure.

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