WurlD Biography | The Nigerian Born Artiste With a Contagious Message

Want to know more about this unique artist with a special kind of music that has captured the heart of people? In this article, a lot about Wurld that may have been hidden will be revealed. See more details below.

WurlD’s Biography

People have been doing a lot of research just in a bit to know about the star artist especially considering the kind of music he usually does. Today, you’ll have a better idea of who Wurld is. The singer and songwriter Wurld is originally called Sadiq Onifade. Being born on the 2nd of January 1987 in Lagos state Nigeria, he is currently 33yrs old. After a while in Nigeria, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia for his secondary school education and after his secondary school education, he studied computer science in Georgia state University. It was while in school that he realized he had passion for music.

When Wurld was a child, he listened to different kinds of music like Fuji, Juju and Afrobeats and going into his music career, he decided to combine these music to create what he call electro-fusion. According to him, asides listening to different genres of music as a child, another thing that has affected his choice of music is him to Atlanta. Asides the kind of music he does, another thing that makes Wurld unique and stand out from others is his hair which he’s dyed blue; his favorite colour. His music genres has been played in both Nigeria and Abroad.

Albums and EPs

  1. Evolution (2013)
  2. Love is Contagious (2019)
  3. I Love Girls with Trobul ( 2019)
  4. Afro Soul (2020)

Tracks and Singles

  1. Beyond Our Dreams
  2. Alive
  3. Show You Off
  4. Better Days
  5. Beautiful Girls
  6. Follow You
  7. Contagious
  8. Trobul
  9. Ego
  10. Wishes
  11. Butterflies
  12. All Night
  13. Who Do You Love
  14. Summer Yours
  15. Mother’s Prayer
  16. All I Need


He’s been in partnership with the likes of Gromee, Mario, Sarz, BOB, Sir Felix, Timberland, Akon etc. He’s also a song writer and Davido’s hit song “Blow My Mind” feat. Chris Brown was co-written by him. He won the 2019 Headies Award for the Best Vocal Performance (Male) for his tracks “Wishes” and “Butterflies”. His estimated net worth is between $1 million to $5 million.

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